Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Which Fact Didn't Belong?

On Monday, I revealed a little about myself, but among the tidbits was a fabrication. So, which fact didn't belong?

On a cruise to Jamaica, our ship had to wait several hours before coming ashore in Montego Bay because fuliguline had congregated in the port.
I did take a cruise to Jamaica. The lie was that the ship was delayed. Fuliguline blocking the port and eating duck for dinner are exaggerations of the lie.

K.C. suggested that I wasn't really afraid of killer rabbits. After much thought, I had to agree. Although the statement wasn't an intentional lie, more than likely I would tame the critter and turn it into a pet. Having an attack bunny would be awesome!

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Adina West said...

Ah, the lie revealed.

You definitely missed out. Duck can be cooked in so many interesting ways...

Getting hungry thinking about it!

KC Burn said...

HA! :)

Charity Bradford said...

I loved reading yours. My favorite part was the bit about pizza and I'm glad that wasn't the lie. :)

Adriana said...

I wondered... but the trip to Jamaica sounds fun, in any case!

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