Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Shout: Second Writers’ Platform-Building Crusade

Giving a Shout Out today to Rachel Harrie (Rach Writes), young adult horror fiction writer and sponsor of the Second Writers' Platform-Building Crusade. If you're new to the blog-verse, this blog event is a must.

So, what is this Platform-Building Crusade all about?  Well, Rach says:

"Basically, the Crusade is a way to link those within the writing community together with the aim of helping to build our online platforms. The Crusaders are all bloggers in a similar position, who genuinely want to pay it forward, make connections and friends within the writing community, and help build each others' online platforms while at the same time building theirs."
This is a fun way to meet to other aspiring writers and explore the world of social networking. Click on over to Rach Writes for more details.

Special props to Ciara Knight, paranormal and fantasy fiction writer for adult, young adult, and middle grade. Ciara is a fellow newbie at New Kids on the Writer's Block whose blog post today brought Rach's Crusade to my attention. Ciara blogs regularly at and Saturdays at

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Miles McG said...

Hey, back! It's nice to meet you! Thanks for following, and here's to our future success in writing! :)

Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for becoming a follower and I'm glad you have signed up for the April A to Z Blog Challenge. It was a great event last year and most all participants added to their following and made lasting friendships in the process.

Also, I was glad to have the link to Rachel's Crusade event. I will have to look at it a little more closely. Since it coincides with the April Challenge it may be too much for me to take on, but then again it may be a complement to what we are doing in April.

In any case I look forward to your contribution to the April Challenge. Be watching my site for tips and updates about the Challenge.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Heather Hellmann said...

Nice to meet you, fellow Crusader!

Adina West said...

Nice to meet you Kristal. :-)

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Kristal, lovely to meet you, and welcome on board the Crusade! Looking forward to getting to know you :)



Megan K. Bickel said...

Hey, Kristal! Welcome to the crusade! Lovely to meet you and can't wait to read more of your blog!

Amanda Milner said...

Hi fellow crusader! It's great to meet you. See you around the crusades:)

Donea Lee said...

Hi Kristal! Appreciate you stopping by my blog. Wanted to pop over and say "hi" back! Looking forward to some great crusader camaraderie ~ :)

Elizabeth Twist said...

Hello, Kristal! So nice to meet you! I'll look forward to dropping by repeatedly throughout the crusade and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristal, I just wanted to drop in and say 'Hi' since I'm also in the Crusade. I'm following your blog. :)

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Hi Krista! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so excited to join the Crusade with all of you fun writers! :D

Yves said...

Hi! fellow crusader dropping in. Looking forward to the Crusade :-)

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