Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Shout Out: The NYT Bestseller List

One small step for authors, One giant leap for digital publishing.

Props going out today to the NYT Bestsellers List for adding two new categories in recognition of fiction and non-fiction e-book sales. Since 1935, the New York Times' Bestseller List has been the leader in recognizing book sales. According to Janet Elder, NYT's editor of news surveys and election analysis, the newspaper has spent more than two years developing a system that tracks and verifies e-book sales. After seeing the significant support e-books receives through sales, the Times has officially redesigned the section of its Sunday Book Review that features 14 best-seller lists, including those for fiction, nonfiction, hardcover and paperback, children’s books and graphic novels. Now that list will include fiction and non-fiction e-book categories. 

With digital media rights in constant flux and e-Authors caught in the slipstream this development is monumental. Finally validation for "Green" authors choosing digital publishing over traditional and acknowledgment for the readers who followed. To show support for NYT's decision to incorporate e-book sales into their coveted lists, click here.

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MC Howe said...

Ebooks are the future. Might as well recognize the best.

DiDi said...

This is great news! I will always <3 paper books, but we have to recognize where the industry is heading.

WritingNut said...

This is wonderful news, there are so many great ebooks out there. Although I truly do love holding that book in my hands, this IS the future. Apart from that though, it opens the door for many authors :)

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