Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Wouldn't you think that as a romance writer Valentine's Day would be one of my favorite days of the year and that I'd have lots to say on the subject? Maybe I'm warped, but V-day doesn't come close to being my favorite holiday. Halloween is how I roll. That's why I write paranormal.

Looking for V-day inspiration I Googled, alot, and found beaucoups images of Cupid with his cute curls, babyish physique, often portrayed in a diaper-- the uber icon of romantic love. Really? I can't fathom the hype.

I prefer Sherrilyn Kenyon's description of Cupid <ahem> Eros--he doesn't like the name Cupid. Youthfully handsome man with a military haircut, dark brown goatee, wearing black leather and riding a motorcycle. Now that's a god of love I can embrace. 

After spending too much time looking for pictures of biker Cupid, I was disappointed not to find one. Downhearted, I plunked over to YouTube looking for, you know, love songs and what-not. Disney tunes popped up, Beauty and the Beast being the most prevalent.

I've always loved the story of B&B. I have the French faery tale by Marie Le Prince de Beaumont downloaded in my Nook and it's the inspiration for an upcoming WIP. While listening to the lyrics of  Disney's B&B, I realized that the transformation of emotionally tortured, deeply scarred heroes is one of the core elements that appeal to me in romance stories. I'm a sucker for stone-cold hearts thawed by the power of love.

Sometimes, it's the anti-hero that grips me like in Phantom of the Opera. Phantom is the Seducer. But, I see him as the man who truly loves Christine. Though it breaks his heart, he lets her go, knowing that she'll have a better life without him. No HEA for him. His sacrifice leaves me a little heart-sick.

But, what is V-Day if not about expressions of love?

My all-time favorite V-Day was when Professor X hand-made me a Valentine's card because he was still recovering from a long illness and not able to go shopping. He isn't a poet, so it wasn't a sonnet or ode professing that my eyes are as bright as starlight and my breath fresh like wintergreen. Thank god, because I would've cracked up laughing and thought it was a joke. Rather, he simply wrote what was on his mind. And drew a few hearts on the paper. That card is a treasure, worth more than anything he's ever bought me.

What's your favorite V-day memory?

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Arlee Bird said...

Favorite Valentine memories are those elementary school day parties when we'd exchange cheap little cards, have a party, and then go home and sort through the cards we received that day before we threw them away. Holidays create so much trash afterwards.

Left you a thank you on my post today.

Tossing It Out

Heather Hellmann said...

You just won the Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog to check it out

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