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ASHLYN CHASE Shares a Tidbit of Wisdom and Her New Release

I'm excited to have ASHLYN CHASE visiting today. Ashlyn is a multi-published author of light paranormal romances and erotic romances. Her 2010 release, Strange Neighbors was one of my favorite reads last year and she follows it up with this month's release of The Werewolf Upstairs.

Ashlyn, Welcome!

Thank you for the opportunity to reach more readers, Kristal.

I carry a tidbit of wisdom in my wallet. When I switch wallets it’s the first thing I transfer to the new one. It’s old, it’s tattered, but if it ever wears out, I’ll probably write it on a new card and keep it going. It’s a quote by Maya Angelou. It goes like this:
“People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”
That really hit home with me. It’s the reason behind the Golden Rule. We’ve all been on both sides of right and wrong behavior. When I accidentally hurt someone else’s feelings (Most of us don’t do it on purpose!) I feel worse, simply because I know how it feels. If you’ve lived among other human beings for a while, you’ve been hurt. It sucks, but it happens. And we all know what it feels like. So, I try to make people feel better, not worse. And I hope I succeed more than I fail. But that’s real life.

Being an author, I know my words affect people I’ll never come in contact with. That knowledge can really get to a writer if he or she lets it. 

We have a responsibility to know what we’re putting out there, yes, but we can’t control how other people respond to it—and playing with our readers’ emotions is what writers are supposed to do…especially romance writers. 

No romance writer wants to offend their readers. Even those who write erotica are writing for a particular audience who enjoy it. So, if you’re a writer, how do you know what to say and what not to say? Simple. You don’t. You let the characters say what they’d say and do what they’d do, and hope readers will find them unforgettable. 

I write comedy and as such have to ignore some of those very wrong things I know would hurt someone else. Humor crosses the line. My characters can do and say things in fiction I’d never do or say to a real person. Is it cruel? Sometimes. Is it politically correct? Not always. So why don’t I water it down a little? 

Because then it wouldn’t be funny. My goal is to entertain my readers, not to bore them. And according to most of the reactions I get, people enjoy my books. 

Some readers will write and tell me how I made them feel. Many more won’t. But this is why a satisfying “happily ever after” ending for my characters is so important. It’s that last feeling with which I leave my readers. After they’ve been on an emotional ride with my characters, vicariously faced all obstacles, and rose to their challenges, they deserve a good “Ahhh…” at the end.  

Ashlyn, thank you for sharing your inspiration and how you apply it in your writing.  I think you do achieve your goal to entertain rather than bore with your books. For me, your novel Strange Neighbors was definitely a fun read that still makes me smile when I talk about it with my friends. And now, the stand-alone sequel, The Werewolf Upstairs, is out and I can't wait to read it!  BTW, the cover is fabulous.

Desperate for change, public defender Roz Wells moves to a new apartment, but she’ll get more than she bargained for when she starts dating the seriously hot guy upstairs who just happens to be a shapeshifter and possibly a criminal!
Konrad Wolfensen has made a living staging break-ins to spook businesses into buying his security system. But when he’s accused of a serious crime, he’ll have to enlist the help of his new neighbor/girlfriend to keep his cute, slightly criminal rear-end out of jail.

Here's what people are saying about The Werewolf Upstairs: 

Mary from Sparkling Reviews says: "I absolutely loved The Werewolf Upstairs. There is no lack of delicious steamy romance, that will keep you turning pages and wanting more. Konrad seduced Roz and The Werewolf Upstairs seduced me!"

Night Owl Reviews say: "The Werewolf Upstairs is a fun read, with a lot of paranormal activity, and a slew of secondary characters. It's original and full of laughs, steamy sex and madcap mayhem. Some of the predicaments Roz and Konrad get themselves into are entertaining and humorous." 

Rhomylly Forbes/Romantic Times says: "Take one sexy bad-boy werewolf, add a curvaceous attorney and let nature take its course...long on steamy love scenes, Chase's latest is an entertaining, funny read. If you're looking for a way to escape these cold February nights, this one just might be for you."

If you're craving funny, steamy, paranormal romance, Ashlyn Chase's The Werewolf Upstairs is sure to satisfy.  For more information on Ashlyn and her books, visit her at 

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Wynter Daniels said...

Congrats on the release. I love humor in books and wish I had the talent to sustain an entire book with it as you do.
I love the quote you carry - very simple yet true.

Deborah Walker said...

I love humour in books, too. And thank you for sharing your wise words.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Great review, Ashlyn! Congrats on your release!

Jae Lynne Davies

Kristal Lee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I, too, carry a little note in my wallet. It's from a fortune cookie and says, "Your dearest wish will come true." On days I feel like giving up, I pull it out and read it until I believe it again.

Congrats on your new release. I can't wait to read it!

Margo Benson said...

I always like a little humour in my work because it's everywhere in real life, even sad times. Great post.

Hello fellow crusader!

Margo Kelly said...

Great post. Thanks. I'm a fellow crusader and new follower. nice to meet you.

Christine H said...

Hi Ash! You always deliver on what you put out to do and say in your books!! Your books have always been a hit with me. I still remember my favorite part from the first book I read of yours. I don't think I'll ever forgot laughing out loud like that ever.

Hugs, Christine

booklover0226 said...

I look forward in continuing this series. I loved Strange Neighbors and I know I'll love The Werewolf Upstairs.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Maeve said...

Wonderful post! I especially enjoyed the "tidbit of wisdom". It's so very true!

Kimberly said...

I was just having a discussion along those same lines--i.e. one of my main goals in writing is to make people feel good. To help them experience falling in love again. Who doesn't like that?
You've got me curious about your humor on the pages. I imagine it would be sooo hard to write comedy, and the fact that you have a follow up release says you're doing something really right. Congratulations, and I'll look forward to checking out your work!

Thanks for the interview, Kristal :-)

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