Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Passionate Ink" by Angela Knight

After finishing "Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance" by bestselling author Angela  Knight (, I decided that whenever I come across a particularly informative, wow-every-writer-should-have-this book, I'll post about it here. These recommendations will be about writing-craft books I've come across by browsing bookstores, talking with other writers, or at book swaps. "Passionate Ink" came to me by way of the RWA National Conference this year. I had the opportunity to attend Ms. Knight's riveting workshop and picked up a copy of "Passionate Ink" before I left. I'm immensely glad and grateful that I did. 

So, for my first writing-craft book recommendation, I give you "Passionate Ink." 

Bow down to Mistress Knight. Her guide to writing erotic romance should be on every aspiring romance writer's keeper shelf. Wait, forget the bookshelf, it's too far away. It should never be beyond arm's reach when tapping out your manuscript. Even if you aren't writing EroRom this how-to book is an invaluable resource, delving into characterizations, plotting, dialogue, voice, and the practicalities of the writing and publishing industries.

She uses excerpts from her works to demonstrate techniques and emphasizes why those particular caveats are important to the success of the story. I learn by association, so reading those enlightening tidbits after delving through the how-to's of those craft points are helping me more than hours of lecture time in a stuffy classroom.

Every writer worth her salt should know about GMC. Ms. Knight takes this a step further with her Romantic Conflict Chart. After using her simple guide on my current WIP, a little light went on and the Hallelujah choir began to sing. I finally understood why my story pooped out around Chapter 10. And more importantly, how to fix it.

If you're struggling with your manuscript, or you need some advice on how to spice things up, consider picking up "Passionate Ink." It's well worth your time and money. 

Because I believe that this book is such an excellent resource, I'm doing my first contest give-away. All you have to do is become a blog follower via Google Follows or Network Blogs and leave a comment. The contest runs through midnight, October 9th, EST. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator on October 10th and will receive a copy of Angela Knight's "Passionate Ink." 

Notice of Advisement-- "Passionate Ink" contains frank language and sexually explicit details. By entering this contest, you are asserting that you are at least 18 years of age, or the legal age of consent in your respective state or country of origin.

~kristal lee 


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Julie Shumway said...

Kristal Lee, This book is on my tbb list. Your post makes me even more eager to get it.

mjmuse said...

This book sounds awesome! If I don't win, I'm going to look for it on Amazon. :) Thanks.

Pat McDermott said...

Sounds like a worthy addition to any writers' research library.

Pippa Jay said...

Following..... I've picked up plenty of books on writing fiction in general, but didn't even know this one existed! Thanks for the heads up even if I don't win.

Camryn Rhys said...

Just wanted to say I love this book. But don't enter me in the contest, cuz I already have it. :-) Still. Love the book!

Angela Knight was one of the founders of Passionate Ink (the RWA Erotic Romance chapter), and gave the keynote at our AGM this year. It was fantastic. Can't wait to hear her speak again at Nationals next year. She's phenomenal.

Lynn said...

I love learning about new crat books! Thanks Kristal Lee!

I wasn't able to follow your blog. It may be me. I'm a techno dork times two.

But I do want to be in the contest...

ciara said...

This is on my wishlist. It'd be great to win it!


ciara at ciaradallas dot com

Alice said...

I wish I'd gone to the session at RWA and got a copy of it with you and Jessica. Hope I win.

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