Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shout Out to Naima Simone and That Man is For Me

This week's shout out goes to romance author Naima Simone for her blog post That Man is for Me at Naughty Author Chicks. I was struck by the serendipity of finding her article on my anniversary.

Naima discusses that "my husband isn't my inspiration [for my heroes] because he's my real life. He's my fiction come true. I realize there are certain moments where he expresses his love in ways that would seem unbelievable if they were written in a romance book. But it's the little things...the things that don't exactly beat the path to the bedroom but they seduce the mind all the same. They say in subtle, low-key ways, I'm paying attention. I'm sacrificing for you."

She goes on to talk about the little things that her hubster does for her and I began pondering the little things Professor X does for me.

He keeps our local pizza pub number in his speed dial because he knows pizza cures whatever ails me.

He rubs my feet, my shoulders, and especially my wrists and hands without any expectation of reciprocation.

He calls me from the grocery store just in case I might remember something that isn't on the list.

He took me to see Clash of the Titans, foregoing Avatar until the DVD came out, just because he knew I was a fan of the original movie.

He DVR's his sports games and waits until after I go to bed to watch them so that the time we're together is spent doing something we both enjoy.

He puts out a clean towel on my vanity stool at night so that when I stumble into the bathroom at 5am I don't have to rummage through the linen closet with the blurry sleep-walker vision.

He kills the sneaky viruses that attach themselves to my computer during my web surfing before they can damage any files.

And, he supports my journey to become a published author, sometimes with more faith than I have myself.

When I think of all the little things Professor X does for me on a consistent basis I know that my fictional heroes' actions pale in comparison. They may have more brawn, but my hubster has more heart. He's the real deal, not a figment of imagination, and that makes all the difference.

Thanks Naima for reminding me of that.

What are some of the little things your hubster (or significant other) does that makes him your real life hero?

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Naima Simone said...

Hi, Kristal!
I loved your post! From your description, you have a winner in that man! LOL! He sounds incredibly special.

Cool post and I stole some to add to my ever-growing list! Hee-hee!

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