Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weird Tidbit about Butterflies

Did you know that butterflies have taste buds in the soles of their tiny feet and stand on things to taste them?

Slight pause for the ewwww factor.

I'm a Florida gal and walk around barefoot the majority of the time. I can't imagine my sense of taste being embedded in my feet. Geez, the places those things take me. Kinda sheds a whole new light of the term butterfly kisses.

Note to self: Avoid the use of butterfly and kisses in the same sentence to avoid flinching and involuntary stomach roll reaction.

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Pippa Jay said...

I guess that's why they only land on sweet things! The thought makes my toes curl.

Dee said...

Ewww....definitely do not want to taste what I am stepping on :(

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