Friday, October 22, 2010

Grimm Brothers....Brewhouse??

Perhaps this would be better suited for Weird Wednesday but it has to do with the Grimms Brothers and Freaky Friday is all about the paranormal.

While sipping a cup of hot tea and perusing STUMBLR, I came across a blurb about GRIMM BROTHERS BREWHOUSE. Apparently, a group of beer enthusiasts came up with this novel marketing idea for their flavorful home-grown brews.

Now, if you live in Loveland, Colorado, or Northern Colorado, you're in luck because GRIMM BROS BREWS can be found in the fine bars & grills there. I was hoping for an internet order form on their website, but no such luck. So, the rest of us need an airline ticket and a rental car to reach for a taste of those special blends. Of course, we could start a campaign to have this ingenious start up company add a shopping cart to their online presence. Whadduya think?

Visit their website at and click on the comment tab to obtain their email information. Shoot an inquiry to them asking them to consider opening an online store, or making their product available to online retailers so that we can get a faery taste of the GRIMMS BROS BREW. You can also friend them on FB or tweet them.

Leave a comment letting me know if GRIMM BROS BREW sounds pleasing to your beer buds.

Thanks to The Dieline for bringing these creative German beer brewers to my attention.

Happy Tales, yall!

~kristal lee

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Dee said...

This definitely sounds like something I would want to try! Might have a little extra "something" then other beers :)

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