Monday, October 18, 2010

Aspiring Author's Alphabet

Over the weekend I was blog surfing and discovered an inspirational alphabet for writer's. If you get a chance, check it out at Maeve Greyson's Musings.

Here's my irreverent take on an alphabet for aspiring authors.

A is for “Aaack!” I’ve been writing all day and only managed two decent paragraphs.
B is for Basset Hound. Fearless guardian and defender of my slush pile.
C is for Crank Up the volume, Nickelback inspires me.
D is for Do Not Disturb. It may look like I'm napping but I'm really working out plot points and story arcs with my eyes closed.
E is for Elusive. When the right word flies off the page and out the window.
G is for Golden Hearts-- the brass ring for unpubs.
H is for “How many online writing courses did I sign up for this month?”
I is for It Takes a Village to Birth a Book: the author, the mentor, the critiquers, the beta readers, the agents, the editors, the publishers, and so on and so forth into infinity.
J is for Justifiable Homicide. When an author is forced to murder her characters before they kill the story.
K is for Kink in the Neck from sitting hunched at the computer staring at the cursor for too long.
L is for Look Ma, I’m a writer!
M is for Monster Puppy’s interruptions for a game of tug.
N is for Netbook. It’s always within reach.
O is for Onomatopoeia. I like the sound of that.
P is for Pizza. A necessary nourishment for perseverance.
R is for Rocky Road Ice Cream. Beats rejection blues every time.
Q is for Quietly going insane waiting to hear about a submission.
S is for Synopsis. Just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.
T is for Typographical boo-boos that Spell-check misses.
U is for Uh-Oh. I didn’t mean to press send.
V is for Vision. Without one, there is no direction. Only chaos and massive amounts of rewrites.
W is for Whispers of Doubt that I must steel myself against.
X is for eXcitement that a new story idea brings me.
Y is for Yes I’m a writer. No it’s not a hobby.
Z is for Zippidity Do Da. Sometimes a little whimsy staves off the insanity.

What is your alphabet?

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Sue Tomlinson Baldridge said...

Alphabet food for thought! Good blog!

jasouders said...

LOVE THIS!! I think I'm going to print this out and staple it to my wall. So that every time I feel like screaming I can look at it.


Maeve said...

I loved your alphabet too! Well done! :-)

...and thanks for the mention & the link.

Charlie Allden said...

(Reposted from FaceBook)
Very funny post! How did I not know you had a blog? Bookmarked!

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