Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Ponies Become Dragons

I grew up in a town without malls or entertainment complexes.  We played by climbing trees, exploring cow pastures, and making up our own games to pass the time.

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The smell of fresh cut grass and powder blue skies remind me of those lazy summer days. We'd sprawl on the ground, flat on our backs, and take turns interpreting the story unfolding in the cottony-white clouds drifting across the heavens. What started as a pony frolicking in a meadow could morph into a fire-breathing dragon and evolve into a Death Star battle depending to whom the story baton was passed.

Everyone got a chance to let their imagination soar and no one complained about story arcs or genres.

In today's society it seems the art of cloud watching has gone the way of the dinosaur. Kids spend more time indoors absorbed in electronic stimulation rather than exploring the outdoor world around them.

Imagination need not be stifled or stilted because of the electronic revolution. I've Stumbled Upon an awesome site that inspires creativity.   At Neave Interactive I can make electronic clouds and let my imagination run free even when I can't leave my desk.

Are you a cloud watcher? What's the most unusual cloud shape that you've seen? What do you do to stimulate your imagination?

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JEFritz said...

I'm always seeing shapes in clouds, usually monsters and other cool looking things. Of course, that only happens when I think to look, which I should do more often. My friends and I had fun with it, too.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Kristal. I've always been a sky watcher, daytime and night. I once imagined a cloud to be a sailing pirate ship with masts and sails and all. We had a thunderstorm shortly after. Isn't the imagination a wonderful thing?

Alexa said...

I too spent hours on the grass imagining different scenes in the sky. Your post reminded me how much fun it was and how much I miss that type of activity. Hhhhmmm, maybe when fall rolls around I'll do that again!

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