Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal Rescue Goes to the Dogs

Have you ever scooped a turtle out of the road before it gets creamed by an unobservant driver? Swerved to miss a squirrel? Or fed an errant cat because it meowed incessantly at the back door at dinner time?

I have…too many times to count, much to Professor X’s dismay.  It’s my nature. I see an animal in trouble and I help it, or find someone with experience who can.

I’ve rescued squirrels, birds, cats, dogs, turtles. I’ve even resuscitated a lizard that had all but given up its reptilian ghost.

Until recently, I never thought about how the furbabies viewed my rescue efforts.  They’re rescued dogs.  Monster Puppy came to us at 10 weeks old; his mother pulled from a kill-shelter and later found to be pregnant. Brave Little Basset arrived a year later, after being abused and abandoned. He more than MP probably understands the value of helping those in need.

One afternoon, nearly dusk, Professor X opened the French doors for MP and BLB to go outside. Within a few minutes, a storm began blowing in from the South. In the distance, thunder began rolling. Not quite a rumble, but a definite warning of the monstrous rain heading toward us.

It seemed odd when Professor X called for me to wrangle the furbabies inside.  MP and BLB are afraid of storms and they think my lap is the safest place in the universe when the sky monster begins shaking the heavens. 

I found MP prancing frantically on the back porch, urging his fur-brother to hurry.

And with ears flapping in the breeze as he scurried across the yard ahead of the rain was BLB. Only he wasn’t alone.

BLB had scooped up a young armadillo and was dashing toward the  porch’s doggie door determined to save the critter  from the impeding monsoon. If  Professor X hadn’t quickly closed the French doors, BLB would’ve raced into the house with his first rescue.

Professor X looked at me and said, “He takes after you.”

I have to admit, I’m mighty proud of that.

 Are you a critter rescuer? What's your favorite rescue story? Have your furbabies picked up any of your habits or traits?

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Dee said...

That is so sweet! Love it :)

Cheryel Hutton said...

How sweet! Love this :)

River said...

Interesting...I've had the opposite experience. When I bring in a new rescue, the LAST rescue I brought in highly resents the new one. Not the rest of the pack but the penultimate rescue. Sort of like being the baby of the family...they resent a new baby. I admire your rescues and your dog's efforts!
Stephanie who is mom to

Lesann Berry said...

I end up with the furbabies others don't want. Currently I've got two cats, one is polydactylus (6 toes so she looks like she's wearing mittens) and a feral that I hauled with me when I moved five years ago (she's only got three legs).

A friend and I once spent an hour trying to get an alligator off the road way down south along the bayou. It wasn't very large but even the small ones are snappy. He/she was sunning in the middle of the road and we'd seen a surprising amount of alligator roadkill already. The locals thought we were hilarious...they stopped to watch.

Somewhere I have pictures. Beautiful.

Sattakingin said...

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