Friday, April 22, 2011

Scary Movies

I love scary movies. Maybe that's a throw back to the days when my friends and I sat in the dark, telling stories of the escaped convict with a hook hand that came upon a couple "nekking" in the woods. The scare wasn't so much when the bad guy slaughtered them, but the build up leading to him to them. It was all in the suspense.

That's why I like the psycho-thrillers more than the slasher films.I want to be scared with the characters, I want to help them figure a way to survive. In a slasher film, I know they're all going to die. Where's the suspense in that?

The first R-rated movie I watched in a theater with my friends (I was a tween at the time) was Christine. We'd all read the book and just had to see it.

I've only watched The Shining once. That was enough. Just the mention of it still gives me the willies. Talk about lasting impressions.

1408 is top on my list too. I watched this in my living room with Professor X and a blanket pulled up to my face.

Hide and Seek kept me guessing. Who or what was Dakota Fanning's  imaginary friend. Why was it killing people? And I loved, loved the hook at the end. Ooh, chills.

Of course, I can't forget the original Psycho, and all the old monster movies like The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man. There's just something about watching those classics curled beneath the covers on a lazy Sunday afternoon that makes me quiver.

This week, my cousin asked me about a scary movie we'd watched as teenagers. One Dark Night. About a psychic vampire buried in a mausoleum.We had nightmares about that one. Of course, now that she's mentioned it, I must find it and watch it again. I hope it still has the fright factor.

What are your favorite scary movies?

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roehill said...

My favorite scary movies are Psycho, The Shining, Christine, It, The Exorcist, and Pet Cemetary.

shelly said...

I love the Shining, Misery, Pet Cemetary, The Messengers, The Others, and so many others.

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