Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday's Shout-Out: "B" is for Bigelow

Last night I contemplated a "B" topic that would coincide with Saturday's Shout-out. By the time I plopped into bed, after midnight, I had come up with Nada.  I had the inkling that my creativity would stall on the second day of the A-Z Challenge. How annoying.

Although not the first thing on my mind when I wake, the letter "B" soon skitters across my mind doing the nana-nana-nana (fingers-in-the-ear, tongue-sticking-out) wave. Considering the taunt, I trudge into the kitchen and set about my Saturday morning routine...

I grab the electric teapot and fill it with water while the fur-babies eager for their morning treat hover at my feet. (Well, Brave Little Basset hovers. With his short legs, he can't reach higher than my calves. Monster Puppy, however, stands at the perfect height to reach the back of my thighs, just below my butt cheeks. He doesn't hover; he sneaks. Waiting for the opportune time when I'm distracted, he gooses me by pressing his cold, wet nose against my skin. So not a good thing, especially when I'm carrying a pot of water.)

After I manage to plug in the teapot, I dole out the dog biscuits and shoo the fur-babies outside, wondering if I should post about Brave Little Basset...two "B's" there. But, Saturdays are about Shout-Outs not musings.

Then, I consider writing something on butt cheeks. Somewhere, I heard about people paying to get butt implants. Looking over my shoulder at my derriere, I shudder to think what would possess someone to consider such a thing. I'd like mine smaller, please. Not bigger. No Shout-Out, there.

Sighing, I reach into the pantry and pull out the tea bags.

I love tea. Hot tea. Iced tea. Any way you brew it, tea. Some writers need coffee; I need tea.

Tea is fairly inexpensive when compared to other beverages. It's easy to prepare and is believed to have many health benefits. My grandmother always had a glass of tea in her hand and a pitcher in the fridge. She was 96 when she passed from this life to the next and she didn't suffer from any major age-related sickness or disease. No diabetes. No heart disease. No arthritis. No dementia. I think tea was the key to her longevity.

I stare at the Bigelow tea bag in my hand.
Inspiration strikes.
The Hallelujah choir sings.
Funny how the angelic host sounds a lot like Evanescence belting out Bring Me to Life.

Then and there I realize today's Shout-Out belongs to  R.C. Bigelow, Inc., a.k.a. the Bigelow Tea Company. Founded in 1945 by Ruth Campbell Bigelow, the company remains 100% family owned. They sell more than 50 varieties of tea world-wide. The Bigelow Tea Company also owns the US's only tea plantation in Charleston, SC.

 A successful, American-owned, family driven business started by a woman, continues under the administration of a woman, and manufactures my favorite beverage-- that definitely deserves a Shout-Out. But, there's more.

Bigelow Tea Company has a Green Mission. They don't use pesticides. That means no herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. Their irrigation system uses only rain water and pond water so they aren't tapping into the local water reserves. They recycle the stems and fibers extracted from the tea plants during processing and use them in the fields for mulch.

They incorporate ECO-friendly practices not only in the fields, but also in their business offices. Electric hand-dryers are used in the restrooms and double-side printing is encouraged to reduce paper waste.

Pay them a cyber-visit at and drop a comment below to let me know what's your favorite beverage and why. Hey, if you've been to the tea plantation in Charleston (or any tea plantation), I'd love to hear about your visit, too.

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baygirl32 said...

not the bigelow that first popped into my mind... it wasn't until 1/2 way through your post I remembered its a brand of tea!

great B post

C R Ward said...

I love Bigelow's tea, especially their Japanese style green tea.

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