Monday, April 4, 2011

Canines, Countertops, and Cooties

Today's A-Z Challenge letter is "C."

I suppose cat owners must  be familiar with cats padding on the countertops. But, being a dog owner, I didn't concern myself with canines on the countertops. Until Monster Puppy came along.

Monster Puppy is curious. Monster Puppy likes to eat. Monster Puppy likes to check out what's on the counters, and then eat it.

This morning I lost the top of my breakfast sandwich. I swear. I only turned around for a moment. In a flash--it was gone. So was Monster Puppy.

(c) Kristal Lee Romances

Cutting my losses, I chunked the cootified sandwich down the garbage disposal and obsessively swiped down the counters with Lysol.

Later, Professor X told me that when he wheeled into the kitchen, he found MP standing at the sink with his head bowed over the garbage disposal. I guess he was looking for the rest of his sandwich.

I love my fur-babies, but I could live without their cooties. Until then, I have a ready supply of Lysol.

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Angela Felsted said...

Lysol is the way to go!

JEFritz said...

That really is a monster puppy. If he gets much bigger, he won't have to stand up to get to your food on the counter! Hope you have a hefty Lysol supply.

Michelle O. said...

You should just teach him to sit down at the table with you guys! He is the size of a young adult!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Nom nom nom...

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