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Tuesday's Treasure: Firewalker by Allysson James

FIREWALKER by Allysson James

Berkley Sensation
RELEASED: November 2, 2010
The continuing adventures of Janet and Mick.
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Reviewed for The Season.

Gold  Coin Rating:  4                           
Heat Level:   Bonfire                              
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Firewalker is unlike any paranormal romance that I’ve read.  It’s reminiscent of Tony Hillerman’s Navajo Tribal Police mysteries, but with a sharp supernatural edge and an enduring love story.

Janet Begay must prove that she isn’t the one responsible for the grisly murders near her motel. Only she isn’t convinced that she didn’t do it, and neither is her dragon lover— Mick, or their reluctant friend, Sheriff Nash Jones.

Together they will take on demons, skinwalkers, the Gods Above, the powers Beneath, and the entire Dragon Court to uncover the truth. And, if they discover that Janet is the culprit then it will be up to Mick to execute the ultimate punishment…Death. 

It’s a topsy-turvy adventure from the start. Written in first person point of view, Firewalker takes the reader on Janet Begay’s perilous journey of coming to terms with her Beneath powers. Throw a supernatural murder or two in the mix, a magic eater, a dragon trial, and a ridiculously hilarious magic mirror and you get a thrilling and satisfying read to the end.

I loved the fast-paced action with Janet moving from one complication to the next with grit and guts. Her stead-fast determination to find answers, even if it kills her, and her utter devotion to Mick kept me turning the pages.   

Firewalker extrapolates on Native American legends to weave an intricate tale of what happens when a woman is gifted with the power of the Gods. This is a fascinating follow-up to Stormwalker, which first introduced readers to this vast and colorful cast of characters.

Allyson James creates an electrifying world of magic, mystery and romance. A world where a gal can sit down and have a conversation with a dragon as if it’s as normal as eating apple pie on Sunday.  A world where unlimited imagination brings new life to ancient mythos and a place where a dragon can love a human with all of his heart.

Ms. James’s originality seasons every scene. Nothing trite or over-written to be read here. The reader sees the world exactly as Janet views it and it is an interesting perspective, to say the least.

Packed with plenty of action, adventure, and hysterical moments of comic relief, Firewalker is absolutely fun to read.

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