Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure: Goddess of Legend by P. C. Cast

Goddess of Legend (Goddess Summoning #7) ~ P.C. Cast
ISBN-10: 0425228169
ISBN-13: 978-0425228166
Berkley Trade
Release Date: Dec 7, 2010
Pages: 320
Retail Price: $15.00

Gold Coin Rating: 3.4
Heat Level:  2 (Candlelight)

A Goddess will do anything…including challenging the fates and rewriting the history, all for the love of Merlin.

Devastated by war, award-winning photojournalist, Isabel Cantelli returns to her native Oklahoma hoping to soothe her battle-scarred soul. Little does she know that the whispers of an ancient magick has been sent forth through all the ages to find one, just as her.

Careening off a bridge and plunging into Grand Lake, Isabel didn’t see flashes of her life as she lived it. All she saw was the coulda, woulda, shouldas as she drowned. Lucky for her, the Water Goddess Coventina, offered a magickal amulet and a second chance at life and love…in Camelot.

One condition--Isabel must lure Lancelot away from Guinevere before they destroy Arthur and his kingdom.

Sure, no problem. Lance is supposed to be the most handsome knight of the realm. Isabel is confident in her skills as a woman who gets what she wants. This assignment would be a no brainer.  Until she realizes Lance doesn’t hold a candle to Arthur and the only feelings of lust or love she can muster are all directed at the King.

Isabel is quirky and out-spoken and hilariously out-of-place as she barrels forward with her mission to save Camelot and its people. Some of the comedic interplay is over the top and some things a bit cliché. Yet, the essence of the story is entertaining, with a few laugh out loud moments.

Isabel with all of her shenanigans manages to help heal the rift between Arthur and Mordred, and teaches Arthur how to love again. Soon, Camelot is threatened by an invading army. Because of all that Isabel has witnessed in war, she finds a way to defend Camelot so that none of its people are harmed. Her plan truly is a work of genius and quite funny in its conception.

During the victory celebration, a straggler from the defeated army makes his way into the castle and attempts to assassinate Arthur. Mordred jumps in front of his father and takes an arrow to the chest.

Isabel must make a choice between saving Mordred and staying in Camelot. She loves the King and knows it would destroy him to lose his son, so she uses the amulet to save Mordred.Isabel is flung back to her own time where she is being rescued by none other than Arthur reincarnated.

Personally, I didn’t find the ending rewarding even though it’s technically a happily ever after. The reason I was disappointed was that in Camelot, Arthur told Isabel that he couldn’t live without her. She had become his heart and soul. So, what happened to the King when Isabel warped through time again? And what happened to Camelot?

The conclusion was brief, awkward in dialogue and provided no insight into what happened after Isabel left. I would’ve liked to have seen her make a trip to the library and do a little research on the outcome. She is, after all, a journalist.

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