Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dog burping?

photo credits: kristal lee romances
Monster puppy is a 90 lb Heinz-57 kind of dog. He's almost 3 and still as playful as when he was truly a pup. Loving, sweet, MP has the best temperament a canine can have. He's a dog parent's dream. But, he has one itsy-bitsy bad habit. A habit so uncouthly human, it's eerie.
Monster puppy likes to burp.

I thought this kinda weird, but I've discovered it's not as uncommon as I would've guessed.  Dogs burp for the same reasons humans expel unwanted air lodged in the stomach. Out of instinct, dogs tend to scarf down their food which can create air bubbles as they swallow. (This can also explain flatulence at the other end, but we won't gasp that topic today.)

So, Monster Puppy's burping isn't strange after all. But the manner in which he does it makes me wonder. You see, MP doesn't just burp after eating. No. He waits until later, giving you this cute, little, please give me some love look that has you bending over to do just that. And still, he waits. Waits until you're eye to eye, nose to nose, and then he lets loose. What escapes from his esophagus could rival a fog horn and the force is strong enough to blow your hair straight back from your head. You're so startled that you forget to breathe. That's a good thing. Monster Puppy breath could lay you out on the floor.

Burping is one thing. His stage production is quite another. I'm still trying to figure out where he learned to do that. Probably the television. It wouldn't be the first time he's picked up a bad habit from watching TV.

What weird or annoying behaviors have you observed in your pets?

NOTE:  If your dog is prone to burping make sure to check for bloating. Although it's natural for dogs to burp, it can be an indication of gastrointestinal problems that require medical attention. Talk to your vet if you have any concerns.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm glad my dog doesn't burp. He is insane and overly protective of me. He almost bit my husbands boss because he hugged me. OOPs.

Maeve said...

LOL! I love it! Monster Puppy sounds like a GIANT-sized Jasper. My sweet boy guzzles water than makes a bee-line for your face where he does his best to belch out the doggy alphabet. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey! your dog looks like our dog...what kind is yours?

Kristal Lee said...

Hey Anonymous!
Believe it or not, Monster Puppy was supposed to be a basset hound mix. The hubster thinks MP is a hodge podge of everything but basset. My best guess is that he's a lab-rottweiler-shepherd mix.

Anonymous said...

Doubt thats a rottweiler...that's a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog! The best breed of dog in the world!!

Kristal Lee said...

I took a look at the Greater Swiss Mountain Club of America. Monster Puppy does seem to share some of the GSM breed's characteristics. Particularly his love of people, keen observational skills and (unfortunately) drooling. Thanks for the tip!

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