Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1st Issue with B&N Nook

In a previous post, I Chose the Nook, I commented on how much I liked the ebook reader that I purchased in June 2010.

Today, the Nook and I have an issue. It stopped working, stuck on the screensaver that wouldn't go off even with the battery out. I don't panic, though. I believe in the power of tech support.

Tonight, that belief was challenged.

The first person I spoke with had no clue what he was saying. Told me to hold the power button down for two minutes and take out the battery so that it could "air out." Hmmm, the battery wasn't wet, I hadn't spilled anything on the device so I asked, "why does the battery need airing out?" The response, "It doesn't. It's a technical thing."

Of course I ask for clarification of this technical thing and got mumble, literally mumble, for an explanation. A few more trying minutes into the conversation I realized that the person on the other end of the phone couldn't tie together coherent sentences if he'd been given string and super glue. I felt that annoyed worry rising in me and it beckoned to my inner snark. Word of warning, my snark is a shark with big teeth and a bigger bite.

I'm educated and have a great deal of common sense. I'm not an expert, but I know the jargon and have a reasonable knowledge of the inner workings of electronic devices and computers. My issue now becomes not only that I have a broken e-reader, but that a poorly trained CSR/tech advisor has insulted my intelligence.

Engaging in a heated discussion on my ability to understand technical things and his inability answer simple questions would've been futile because you can argue with a door post but it accomplishes nothing. So, I simply did as he instructed: Held the power button down for two minutes, took the battery out for 15 minutes. Then, put it back in and pressed the power button. For some oddball reason, he didn't want to stay on the line for the 15 minutes to test his "solution". I, of course, knew from the get go that his fix wasn't going to work.

My assumption wasn't proved wrong. So, I called tech support again and got a pleasant, communicative lady who provided similar instructions, minus the "air out the battery" crap. This time I was to hold the power button down for 45 seconds, remove the battery for four hours and put it back in. Charge for 4 hours and then press the power button. And, as a courtesy, the nice lady will mail a replacement battery first thing in the morning. My snark shark is thinking the courtesy would've be in providing me with a Nook that wasn't going to start having problems within months of  purchase. Tonight, the filter on my brain actually worked. I didn't lend the snark shark my outside voice.

I don't think removing the battery for four hours is the solution. My gut fear is that the problem lies with the Nook, not the battery. The device is barely 5 months old. I paid full price and then it went on sale about six weeks later. Geez, my timing back then sucked but that was okay, because I liked the Nook and it came with a $50 gift card. Tonight, I'm wondering if I got suckered.

When I invest in something, I take care of it and expect it to last. I bought a hardcover to protect my Nook. I don't throw it around or misuse it. I charge it when it tells me the battery is low. The Nook and I had a good rapport until this fizzle.

Time will tell if this problem will be a tiny bump in the road or a major pothole. A tiny bump means that I may consider a Nook upgrade in the future. But, if the technical issue turns out to be a major pothole, then my favor will no longer shine on the Nook and I'll research other e-readers for an upgrade.

If anyone has had technical issues with their Nook I'd be grateful if you'd share your experience and resolution or lack thereof.

~kristal lee

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about first line support. It can be a joke sometimes. If it makes you feel any better, my Kindel has had problems also. :(

Kristal Lee said...

Oh geez! The Kindle was going to be my back up plan.

Anonymous said...

I had this happen when i first got my Nook. I think I found the answer on their site somewhere, I can't remember, but what I did was take the battery out for a few seconds, then put it back in and hold down all four of the page turn arrows at one time.That worked.
Since then when it happened again, I tried just pressing all four arrows without taking out the battery and that worked also.
So give one of those a try.

James Allen said...

The Nook has issues that will be fixed in the 1.5 software release which is supposed to be coming this month.

All computer based products will have a few that will have issues and have to be returned. No matter what product. As far as tech support, first line responders usually read from a script.

Kristal Lee said...

Lara, you're my hero! Holding down the four arrows rebooted my Nook and now it's working. Wonder why tech support didn't know this trick? Thanks so much!

James, thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the 1.5 software upgrade. I hadn't heard about it.

Char said...

Glad to hear you were offered a solution...even if it wasn't through tech support. Hope you've had wonderful Holidays.

Kristal Lee said...

Thanks Char! Although Lara's solution worked temporarily, I did need to replace the battery. B&N had anticipated that, so they provided a free replacement battery. Now, all is right. I'm happy again with my Nook and eager to spend my B&N Christmas gift card on new eBooks. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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