Saturday, August 28, 2010

Faery Rings

According to folklore, a faery ring is an arc or circle of mushrooms that appear during the night and are thought to be gateways into the faery realm. These areas were believed to be places where faeries met to get down and boogie.

So, not only does my backyard have the Best Grubs in the Neighborhood, apparently it's a favorite night spot for faeries who want to kick up their heels for a little ditty.

All I want to know is why I wasn't invited to the party. By the number of faery rings decorating the yard, it was a doozie of a wing-ding.

~Kristal Lee

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Pat McDermott said...

What interesting pictures, Kristal! I hope they invite me to their next party!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

The fey have been hanging at my apartment complex in Southern Maryland too. :)

Sarah Hoss said...

Great pictures. I love how the mushrooms have a white haze around them. Makes them look mystical.

The page looks great! I am a follower!

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