Monday, April 19, 2010

Play Time

Seems some experts have determined that play time is not only good for kids, but adults as well. In fact, its essential to our well being. There’s even scientific research to prove it. Who knew that scientists were interested in playing? There’s even a National Institute for Play in California! According to some studies, play is a natural stress reliever with the proven health benefits of lowering blood pressure, increasing energy and reducing fatigue. Playfulness with a partner can increase romantic attraction and boost libido.

So, what qualifies as play? Whatever you find fun to do in which you have no goal except the sheer enjoyment of doing it. You remember those things, don’t you? The things that make you go wheeee! and woohoo!

Personally, I like stomping puddles in the rain. Its childish, undignified, and I’m definitely too old to be doing it, but that makes it all the more fun. I’ve also been known to walk by a ringing phone in a store,–you know, the ones hanging on the wall that the sales associates use to call different departments– pick it up and have a kooky conversation with the associate on the other end.

Sometimes a potentially embarrassing moment can be the constructs for a new game. While I was eating crab legs in a restaurant, water shot from the shell as I cracked it with my hands. It squirted over my shoulder like a miniature geyser and sprayed the woman sitting at the table behind me, who incidentally thought condensation from the air conditioning vent had dripped on her. Of course, then it became a game to see if I could do it again. Disappointingly to me, but probably not to the other patrons, I was unable to recreate the event. But that doesn’t deter me from trying whenever I eat crab legs.

Now, I have scientific endorsements for when I have moments like those and encouragement for more. Oh, I will relish telling my family and friends…Play, play, I must play.

For more information on Play, check out the article “Go Out and Play” by Margaret Renkl in the May 2010 edition of Ladies Home Journal.

~Kristal Lee

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