Sunday, April 18, 2010


Procrastination: the art of delaying or deferring action until a later...much later...time. Yes, I consider it an art and writers are the Rembrandts of this medium. We even have our own name for it. Writers block.

Some psychologists believe our dedication to this masterpiece of dilly-dally is a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress over starting or completing a task. Ha! More likely it's the dreaded synopsis or sagging middles that has us frittering away our time. Although, on occasion, it's the characters. They just won't cooperate!

Once a werewolf leapt from my computer screen, straight through the picture window in front of my desk. He was a blur of black fur streaking across the yard as he bounded over the fence and disappeared into the woods behind the house. I've done my best to wrangle him home, but so far he remains MIA. And so, a blank page with a blinking cursor is my monument to him. When he finishes his wanderings, I'll be there with fingers nimbly poised over the keyboard ready to start his story again. Hopefully, he'll have new and exciting tales to tell.

In the meantime, the writer in me does what she always does.

She writes.

It might be an email to a friend, or a blog post. Even a comment on another writer's site. Anything that keeps me writing.

Writers block may be the bane of our existence, but it doesn't have to be the end of it.
~Kristal Lee

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