Sunday, May 1, 2011

Writers Unite! Stand Up for Judy Buranich AKA Judy Mays

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10th grade teacher Judy Buranich is being harassed because she writes erotic romance novels in her spare time.

Wendy Apple's finger-pointing brought the small town teacher's second profession to the forefront. Ms. Apple (a parent of a student attending Midd-West High School) reportedly stated that she simply wants Mrs. Buranich to be more discreet with her "secret identity," although Ms. Apple went public with the news. (News source

To my knowledge, Mrs. Buranich hasn't mixed her day job with her writing. And, I've checked Mrs. Buranich's author website~ under pen name Judy Mays: -- it shows no pictures of the author and mentions no specific details about her personal life. She even posts a disclaimer that you must be 18 to access certain parts of the website. Her double identity would've remained a mystery to most, if not for Ms. Apple ripping off her cloak.

Another parent, Deanna Steep stated that Mrs. Buranich should stop writing or stop teaching (News source I hope the school board administration presents with more rational and political sense.

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FREEDOM of SPEECH in the UNITED STATES is a protected civil right. The first amendment not only guarantees freedom of speech, it promises protection from imminent or potential violence against a person. Seriously, a threat to take away a woman's livelihood because you don't approve of her secondary employment is a blatant form of bullying, censorship, and (as I see it) a violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

I support Wendy Apple and Deanna Stepp's right to voice their opinions; however, if the school board forces the issue, they may be infringing on Mrs. Buranich's basic civil rights and setting a dangerous precedent that could impact all writers.

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Kris McConville said...

I totally agree with you Kristal - this is just another form of bullying. As a romance writer and an attorney I am appalled at what they are doing to Judy Mays. Check out her support page on FB if you haven't already.

This is definitely a violation of the 1st amendment which will be the topic of my blog entry today. Thanks for mentioning this on your blog. The more blogs this reaches the more solidarity among romance writers and writers in general is proven to exist. We protect each other - go after one you're going after all of us.

JEFritz said...

I agree that they're infringing on her rights. Worse, they're assuming she's some sort of dirty pervert because she writes erotic books (which I'm sure a lot of people in that town enjoy reading!). Has she ever acted inappropriately in class? Not that I've heard. But they don't care because she writes about sex.

shelly said...

It's not like she's sharing with her class. Oh, please. Sounds like someone is horribly jealous of her talents. Teaching and writing.

Title Loans said...

True, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but they should never mess with other person's well-being. The fact that she's taken so much precaution to hide her actual identity speaks that she didn't want it seen in the first place or to effect her job. So why would a parent make a scene when it wasn't harming anyone? Good luck, Judy!

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