Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Netbook Junkie

Hello. My name is Kristal Lee and I’m a netbook junkie.

I have a desktop computer and a laptop and now a netbook that’s never more than an arm’s length away, if that.

It’s light and portable and oh so easy to use.

The battery life is amazing. I love being able to take it anywhere and not have to worry about finding an outlet. I took the netbook with me on a day trip to see my parents. My hubby drove, of course, while I tapped away on the keys, working on my current project. I was squealfully delighted with the amount of progress I made because the battery didn’t give out before we’d made out of the neighborhood. Hubby was also happy. Since the netbook kept me occupied, I didn’t complain about his driving. He made a mental note to check that my netbook is in tow for all future trips.

My netbook has become so ingrained in my daily routine that I look for it before I look for my purse when I leave home. I still use the desktop or laptop when updating my website or backing up my data, when I need a larger screen or more capacity. But the netbook has become my primary device for writing, my virtual pen and paper. The screen is small, but sufficient and using Microsoft Word I can enlarge the text if needed.

The built-in pad created a bit of a problem for me in the beginning because my palms rested on the surface, causing my cursor to zip here, there, and everywhere. The fix? I disabled it in the settings and use a mini-mouse that I absolutely adore.

Now, I’m all about the netbook until some evil genius designs a way to take the words and images directly from my brain and turns them into an arrangement of coherent sentences on the computer screen while maintaining my writer’s voice, delivering my fingers from the arduous task.

So, which do you prefer when writing? The desktop, the laptop, or the netbook?

~Kristal Lee

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Anonymous said...

Marsha A. Moore says:
I have a desktop that is mostly used for back up storage and a laptop which I live on. I’ve been considering getting a netbook and your impressions are encouraging. My only concern is if I work outside will the backlit screen fade out in sunshine. Regardless, I can see a netbook in my future.



July 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

Debora Dennis says:
At home I’m always at the desktop – and pretty much have left the netbook in the bag for trips…BUT, I recently started taking it with me and have to agree, I love the flexibility. My battery life is pretty darn amazing and I’m really getting attached to the thing.

Ju;y 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dawn Marie Hamilton says:
Hey Kristal, I recently purchased a large laptop with a 17-inch screen that I absolutely love. Works well at my desk, and when I’m kicking back in the recliner. The screen is FAB. However, I think I would like a netbook for traveling and hanging in the library.

July 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

Pat McDermott says:
When my last laptop died, I looked into netbooks, but I ended up getting another laptop. It’s so small and light, and it has the memory I need for research programs.I use it for travel and to move my “office” to the fireside during the winter months. Everyone has different preferences, and with so many doodads out there, everyone should be writing. Neat post, Kristal.

July 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

rosalielario says:
I started using a netbook about 8 months ago and I absolutely love it! I’ve become totally addicted to it’s portability. No matter where I go, my netbook goes with me. I even have a large tote bag that the netbook easily fits into, which allows room for all the other stuff I also carry.

Bottom line, the small size of the netbook makes it a great tool for writers on the go. I recommend it to anyone who asks about it!

July 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

Kara Lee says:
Hi, Kristal, I saw your post about this blog over at the FFandP loop.

I use my laptop for writing at home but I bring my netbook with me to work and to Six Flags. I can’t ride the rides because they make me nauseated, so I get some writing/critiquing done on my netbook while the rest of my group stands in those forever-long lines. I’m so used to the built-in mouse that I can’t use a regular mouse, for either my laptop or my netbook. But my battery doesn’t last long. I can barely squeeze 2 hours out of it, tops. And to the first commenter, yes, it’s hard to see the screen in the sun. A big reason my battery dies so quickly is I have the bright level all the way up when I’m outside. I heard somewhere the iPad will make the netbook obsolete, but I love my netbook and would recommend all writers get one.

July 15, 2010

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